Laccaria pumila

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Laccaria pumila
Krōlestwo Fungi
Grōmada Basidiomycota
Klasa Agaricomycetes
Rzōnd Agaricales
Familijŏ Hydnangiaceae
Zorta Laccaria
Gatōnek Laccaria pumila
Nazwa systymatycznŏ
Laccaria pumila
Fayod 1893

Laccaria altaica Singer 1967[1]
Laccaria laccata var. pumila (Fayod) J. Favre 1955[2]
Clitocybe pumila (Fayod) Sacc. & D. Sacc. 1905[3]
Laccaria striatula [4]

Laccaria pumila je grzib[5], co go ôpisoł Fayod 1893. Laccaria pumila nŏleży do zorty Laccaria i familije Hydnangiaceae.[6][7][8]


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