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Welcome to the Silesian Wikipedia!

If you are not signed up, please sign up, it makes editing a lot more convenient. To sign up, click the top right link (Lůgowańy/twořyńy kůnta), then click Twůř kůnto on the page which shows up. Fill in the form (top to bottom: username, password, password confirmation, and e-mail) and click the enter button. After you signed up, go to "My preferences" (moje preferyncyje) and under Godka interfejsu choose the appropriate interface language.

In the category of users based on their language abilities, you can find users who understand the same language that you do, who can help you if you need help. The list of users who can understand the English language can be found in the User en subcategory.

If you do not understand Silesian, but want to help the Silesian Wikipedia[edytuj zdrzōdło]

  • You can insert images (for instance, from similar pages in other Wikipedias). Click here for the English manual.
  • If you are an experienced Wikipedian, you can help create templates.
  • You can help wikify existing articles, i.e. add internal links (dates for instance), replace short with long dashes where necessary.
  • If you are a contributor to the Polish or other Wikipedias, you can help us attracting the attention of Silesian speakers, who may have little understanding of what Wikipedia is and how they can work in it, to the Silesian Wikipedia.

If you do not speak nor write in Silesian, but understand a little[edytuj zdrzōdło]

  • You can begin translating existing article pieces in English, for instance, image captions, into Silesian. If you are afraid that you do not write so well in Silesian, don't worry: it's better to have them in broken Silesian than in English; later on, a Silesian speaker may come around to fix the mistakes. Be bold and press the "edit this page" button at the top of the page, and begin translating. Don't forget to save your changes later on (to this end, you must press the "save page" button at the bottom of the editing section).
  • You can also help us to structure the articles, for instance, writing your suggestions (you can write in English) on the article's discussion page.

You are a Silesian speaker[edytuj zdrzōdło]

  • You can write an article of interest to you. To start editing, insert the name of the future article to the window "TO create an article" below. Do not worry too much about the formatting, somebody will eventually help you. Do not forget to save your changes by pressing the corresponding button below the edit window. If the title of the article came not exactly as you wanted, do not worry: You can always rename the article by pressing the button "Move" on the top. If you are not sure how to start writing, look at other articles of Silesian Wikipedia. All technical questions are discussed at this discussion page, you can ask any questions there, we will try to respond as soon as possible. It only looks like things are complicated here — they are much simpler than they seem to be.
  • You can also edit and extend the existing articles (written by somebody else), add something you find important. Click the "Edit" button and start.

General advice[edytuj zdrzōdło]