Wikipedyjo:Prziznowańy uprowńyń admińistratora

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Na tej zajće uodbywajům śe guosowańo nad prziznowańym uprowńyń admińistratora ślůnskij Wikipedyji.

Terozki uobowjůnzujůnce rule Skuli uośůngńyńćo kůnsensusu na zajće PUA Timpula, ustalo śe, co uprowńyńo admińistratora Ślůnskij Wikipedyje nadowo śe bez kůnsensůs. Coby zostać sam admińistratorym, stykńe, co żodyn s aktywnych użytkowńikůw (kere majům 500 a wjyncyj edycyji na ńy do uodpory bez tydźyń.

Current rules According to the consensus on voting page (Timpul), the adminhip request is succesfull in the way of reaching consensus, not by just vote. It is enough for granting administrator tools if no one from active users of Silesian Wikipedia (with more than 500 edits) won't be oppose trough one week.

These rules are not apply anymore, kept for historical reason. Here are the nominations for Silesian Wikipedia administrators, whose powers will take effect after the project leaves the Incubator and starts its independent life.

  • The vote will last one week (168 hours) after the candidates have confirmed their nominations.
  • Any active Wikimedian who has an Incubator account with a link to another project's userpage is eligible to vote, provided that he/she has accumulated at least 500 edits on the home project.
  • The vote shall be considered valid if at least 20 users participate.
  • A candidate must be granted a support of at least 80% of the combined for and against votes to be granted the administrative tools for Silesian Wikipedia.