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Update inf. from wiki (en).
m (clean up, removed: Because no values have been specified for the prop parameter, a legacy format has been used for the output. This format is deprecated, and in the future, a default value will be set for the prop parameter, causing the newformat to al...)
(Update inf. from wiki (en).)
|plac_wůd = 0,58%
|plac_mjejsce = 111
|ludźi = 9 165754 830 000<ref>[ ''The International Population Day'', The demographic situation in Azerbaijan, The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 11 July 2011]</ref>
|gynstość = 106
|gynstość_mjejsce =
|ludźi_rok = [[20112016]]
|narodowości =
|ludźi_mjejsce = 89


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